Hayden Hawke's Leveling Secrets

It was recently announced that Hayden Hawke, the maker of the Secret Gold Guide, has created a brand new guide, this time a leveling guide. I've taken the opportunity to review this guide and will fill you in on what it is and why it's different from other leveling guides.

First off the guide is not a questing leveling guide and comes with no in-game addon. This might be a downer for some people out there but Hayden explains that these aren't the fastest way to level and you can always get free addons that do almost the same job as the leveling guides that come with them, and for FREE.

So now that you know the guide isn't an addon based questing guide I'll tell you what it is. The guide comes with AoE, solo, power leveling, and questing sections and you can basically pick which you use to get to 80, even mix and matching along the way. In addition to these sections there's a compilation of a bunch of really helpful information to prepare you for leveling.

All in all I think this guide is a breath of fresh air as it presents a unique and more importantly fun way to level to 80 fast.

Click here to learn more: Hayden Hawke's Leveling Secrets.