Secret Gold Guide Cataclysm Review

Hayden Hawke has released a brand new gold guide for Cataclysm. I've had a chance to look over this guide and as far as I can tell it's going to be a lifesaver for many people once Cataclysm is released.

The guide is completely written for Cataclysm. Hayden has been playing in the beta and has developed a brand new strategy for making gold, one that when done properly virtually automates the gold making process.

If you aren't into that kind of thing, there are still plenty of resources in the guide that will help you make gold in Cataclysm using conventional methods like farming ore, cloth, herbs, meats, etc.

This guide is essential for anyone looking to make gold once Cataclysm is released. By having this guide you will know exactly what to buy and sell at a time when many people will have no idea what to do!

Click here to learn more: Hayden Hawke's Cataclysm Secret Gold Guide.