WoW Cataclysm Herbalism Guide 1-525

This is a World of Warcraft Cataclysm Herbalism Guide. This guide will help you level your Herbalism to 525. If you're using this guide to get mats for Alchemy, stop, buy your supplies! You'll save a ton of time buying your mats instead of farming for them. If you can't afford to buy your supplies take a look at this gold guide.

For best results simply run in the general area of the lines on the maps.

For 1-70 you can either hit up Durotar as shown below on the map or Elwynn Forest. Either area will do and you will level to 70 very fast.


Elwynn Forest
If you don't feel like hitting up Durotar try here.

The Barrens
There's nothing to explain for this zone, you'll find lots of herbs and are still at a low enough level where leveling is very fast.

Hillsbrad Foothills
This zone is typically good for herbing, just following the lines on the map below.

Stranglethorn Vale
Watch out for the Horde (or Alliance)! This zone is good and in the old days it was a nightmare for anyone trying to level anything here with the other faction nearby.

The Hinterlands
You might have a hard time here until you reach 230 since you can't pick Sungrass until then. If you really want you can try Tanaris or just stick it out those first 10 levels.

Simple and easy, not much of a route to follow either since this zone is so skinny.

Hellfire Peninsula
There are basically herbs everywhere in this zone so don't worry too much about staying on route.

Howling Fjord
Finally into Northrend!

Sholazar Basin
Stay here until you reach 435 at which time you'll be on your way to 450.

The Storm Peaks
Here you'll level up to 450.

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